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Judi is a Neonatal Nurse, Midwife and Maternal Child Health Nurse with extensive neonatal experience. She has a special interest in both premature and sick babies who are admitted to and journey through the Neonatal Intensive Care unit.


About Judi


Judi has extensive experience not only as a Paediatric/Neonatal nurse, Midwife and Maternal & Child Health nurse but also as a mum and grandmother.

She is especially passionate about helping families with both premature and sick babies through the NICU where she worked for over 2 decades, and into the future.

Her book ‘just a moment too soon’ is a vital, comprehensive and practical guide for parents and their families on what to expect when you have a prem/sick term baby in the Neonatal Intensive care unit. You will find information here that cannot be found elsewhere.

The NICU journey can be a very disempowering and terrifying experience but with the information contained both in the book and on this website you can empower yourself to make a huge difference in your baby’s life on a daily basis.

Children who are born premature grow differently to other children because of the impact of their traumatic start, so they can have unique needs, which can be misunderstood by some Health Professionals who don’t understand prems and the journey they have come.

Consulting Service

  • Do you have questions or are you seeking direction for help for your ex-prem whether they now be a toddler or even a teenager (and any age in-between)?
  • Do you need ideas on how to address the concerns you may have?
  • Are you unhappy or feeling dissatisfied with the mainstream management of your ex-prem or seeking another opinion?
  • Are you interested in a holistic approach?

Judi provides a Health Advocacy service. She is committed to supporting, empowering and giving direction on your journey. With her vast experience in many scenarios she can bring a fresh approach suggesting a plethora of ideas that could help.

Some of her specialities include: sucking dysfunction, sleep/settling issues, growth/development concerns, learning problems and behavioural challenges.

Book your first 30-minute consult for only $75 and receive a free Neonatal Handbook valued at $39.95 while stocks last (you pay only P&H).

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+61 432 249 599

Skype Online Consulting Service: judi.venten

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